Breeding kennel "White healer"

We breed healthy, good-looking, happy breeds and give people unforgettable and joyful opportunities of meeting their soul healers.

Why multibreed?

We were interested in breeding from an early age.

Asian shepherd dogs were of great interest for us, after searching the breed and consulting with specialists, we took an important decision to start with that breed. Soon we bought our first Asian shepherd puppy Khakay in Moscow. We were lucky with the choice, fell in love with Asian Shepherds, and started increasing the number of canines

As a result, we set up a professional breeding in a kennel. Our fascination with guardian dogs fulfilled in the attainment of first Caucasian shepherd dog. When visiting one of the dog shows we couldn’t stand buying a Tibetan Mastiff because we were conquered by its beauty and majesty. Later we brought other Tibetan Mastiff breeds to our kennel. Regular guardian dogs training made it clear to determine 3 main breeding branches. There is a foundation canine in each branch of our kennel. They are: Asian shepherd dog Khakay, Tibetan Mastiff Dalassa Himalay Laygit.and Caucasian shepherd dog Russkiy Risk Olimp. They are the largest and strongest dogs in our kennel. 

Why eco-friendly?

From the very beginning, we were looking for an environmentally friendly place for our kennel. So we have chosen Yelimbetovo village in Bashkiria region which is 40 km. far from Magnitogorsk. This place is located in a picturesque area where endless Bashkirian steppes and the Ural Mountains meet together. Dog kennels are spacious, sectorized and have 2 parts: inner and outer ones. Walking and training areas are carefully planned so dogs can enjoy a lot of walking space. Our canines are constantly under the spotlight of our specialists who provide safe and comfortable breeding. All dogs including 3 weeks old puppies are very agile because they live in open-air cages. Experienced canine handlers are involved into the training and breeding processes. For pregnant bitches there are 3 whelping boxes. We have also arranged special areas for walking the bitches with their newborn puppies attended by our specialists. Breeding canines get adequate and balanced feeding. There is “a canine canteen”. For nutrition, our dogs get high-quality and balanced diet according to their age needs. Local veterinarian is taking medical care of the breeding canines including proper vaccination. The kennel’s breeders do their best to breed healthy, musculous, confident and which is the most important, happy canines. Our dogs are sociable because we curb all kinds of aggression at our dogs because this is already present in the guard dogs’ nature.    Different excursions for all interested people take place at our kennel. Students come to spend time with our canines because not everyone can afford to have a pet dog at home.  Dogs at our kennel are used to keep company with people and children and this brings mutual positive emotions.

Why are we called "White healer"?

Our first breeds were white-patterned Asians shepherd dogs. The white color is usually associated with the good, origin, renewal, new level. Children and grownups come to our breeding kennel to spend time with the breeds and after that, they are happy. Furthermore, dogs’ eyes and beating of heart have a great positive impact on a person. Warm friendly shock dogs banish low spirits bring positive emotions, psychological comfort and love curing many ailments. After visiting our kennel people fell inspired, cheerful and ready for new deeds. So we are used to say: "The dog is not only man's best friend, but a healer of man’s soul".